Bulky Book Paper


Material: 100%  virgin  pulp

 787mmx1092mm, 889mmx1194mm, 787mm in roll, 889mm in roll or according to your requirements

Base weight: 
60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 120

Folding strength:
12 times

 90-92%, 96%, 103% 110%

Key  performance
1. Copy clearly, no lost powder, no wrinkle, no jam.
2. Good colour appearance and no radiation to our body
3. Perfect moisture-proof, inside PE film package
4. Offset in the papermaking process is the plastic material is applied on both sides of the paper to improve surface properties of the paper, the small elasticity, uniform ink absorption, smoothness, good texture close opaque, high water resistance.

End-Use: All kinds of cover of books and textbooks, also can be used for magazines, colour pages, catalogues, maps, calendars, calendars, covers, inserts, illustrations, product brochures, manuals, comics, cartoons, advertising posters, corporate catalogues, flyers, envelopes, Buben, notebooks, colouring embossed, forms, office/paper documents, business cards, colour marks and a variety of packaging goods


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