Duplex Board


Gsm: 230, 250, 270, 300, 350, 400, 450gsm

Thickness (um): 325, 350, 385, 455, 515, 575um

Stiffness (mN.m): 3.0, 3.5, 4.7, 7.0, 10.0, 13.5 mN.m

Duplex board Moisture: 7.5%

Duplex boardBrightness: 82%

Duplex board Roughness: 2.0um

Closs75degree: 50%

Duplex board COBB: <50g/m2

Ink absorbency: 25%

Paperboard Size: 787mm, 889mm, 1092mm, 1194mm.

Usage: Cigarette boxes, medicine box, cosmetics boxes and paper bags, all paper box and paper bags.


230gsm – 550gsm wrapping paper features: The quality board has excellent printability and converting properties, meeting high-speed packing requirements in the factory.

The Product has good surface smoothness and is good for major converting methods such as gravure printing, offset printing, embossing lamination.

Package: Paperboard in sheets, PE film wrapped, 4 angles protector, baled on strong wooden pallets paperboard in reams: 100 sheets with PE coated kraft paper, wrapped with film, baled on strong pallets.

Material: recycle pulp

Size: 787mmx1092mm, 889mmx1194mm (we have stock all-time) Other size is customized.

Base weight: 170gsm; 210gsm; 230gsm; 250gsm; 300gsm; 350gsm; 400gsm Other size is customized.

Caliper (um): 203um; 263um; 308um; 343um; 413um; 483um; 548um; Stiffness (m) 1.2; 2; 3; 4; 7.5; 11.5; 13.5.

Key performance

1. Introduction: This product has surface smoothness and is fit for high-ed offset printing.

2. Composition: Three times the coating on the printing surface and single coating on the back side. The fibre sheet contains three layers, which are 100% virgin wood pulp without DIP and other waste paper pulp. The top and bottom layers are bleached chemical pulp and the filler is BCTMP. The manufacturing process is strictly in accordance with the prohibited substances standards promulgated by the State Council security Office and the MInistry of Agriculture, absolutely without orthostatic substance.

3. Printability: The product has high print smoothness, good flatness, high whiteness and printing gloss, with good half-tone transfer restored effect, clear and full-colour graphics and meeting the requirement of electronic spay code and laser carved code.

4. Processability:
 Meet the requirements of a variety of processing after printing, aqueous-coating, etc.

5.Storability: The product has good light resistance and can be preserved for along time in non-direct sunlight environment.

6.Application: Basis weight between 170gsm and 230gsm for handbags, lottery tickets, notebook cover, postcards, greeting cards, graphic carton, cartoon toys etc. Basis weight between 250gsm and 400gsm for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, daily necessities packaging, electronic products packaging and stationery commodity packaging.

New Product One Side White Coated Grey Back Duplex Card Board