Item Art Paper
Material 100% wood pulp
Base Weight 80g,90g,100g,105g,115g,128g,148g,157g,200g,216g,250g,300g,330g,350g
Brightness  Top/Bottom 94%/92%
Packing 1.Sheets: PE film wrapped, 4 angles protector, baled on strong wooden pallets.
2.Reams: 100sheets with PE coated kraft paper, wrapped with film, baled on strong pallets.
3.Reels: PE film wrapped, angles protector, baled on strong wooden pallets.
Main Features 1. Utilizing the latest spray coating and IR control technology, stable quality of the product is achieved.
2. High whiteness provides a very comfortable visual experience. The reducibility of printing colour is quite favourable
3. Smooth paper surface, gives veritable dots after printing
4. Glamorous and Luxury Coating Gloss
5. Favourable stiffness and folding strength, high sheet strength
6. Excellent surface strength, suitable for high-speed printing; Web Strength Reduce Web Breaks
End Uses Used for high-speed sheet paper offset printing and business cycle printing, mainly for magazines, colour pictures, product catalogues, show bills, front covers for books, inserts, publicity products, Posters, calendars etc
Loading Qty 14-17Tons per 20ft,25Tons per 40ft
Size 787(CD)x1092(MD)mm(31×43”),889x1194mm(35×47”), 700*1000mm,622*914mm,880x1230mm,890x1240mm etc.Customized Roll size or sheets size available


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