Tyvek Bupont Paper


Type Purpose:

1. Envelopes, envelopes and the like;
2. Maps, traffic maps, circuit assembly and maintenance chart, drawing and other professional maps;
3. Labels, stickers; hanging a sign, logo; labelling, signs; standard washing (clothing).
4. Indoor and outdoor posters, billboards, banners, certificates, greeting cards, calendars, business cards, printing paper, and other
publicity materials;
5. Bag, wallpaper, building waterproof layer;
6. Various packaging (industrial chemicals, electronics, military, medical, etc.);
7. Catalogues, repair manuals, book covers and rings lining, children’s books, certificates, folders, paper bags and other stationery.

Tyvek paper

Tyvek method uses flash technology, from high-density polyethene by melt-processed into nonwoven continuous filaments in the thermally bonded. This unique technology is Tyvek series combines the advantages of paper, film and fibres in one, tough and durable, and highly tear-resistant characteristics. Its main advantages include lightweight and tough, waterproof, breathable, abrasion resistance, anti-ageing, excellent opacity, soft and smooth, easy to distort, adhesive-free, printable, low crumbs.

It is because of its unique physical characteristics and good printability, plus cost-effective, so widely accepted for print customers.
Tyvek production with 10 types and 14 types of two categories. 10 type is tough, high density and opaque material, its hardness and similar paper, smooth surface, a natural mechanism similar to neurofibrillary tangles. 14 Type of material natural soft hands, as general foldable fabric, the material surface has a uniform pore distribution.

Whether you want to print something, if it must have a long life and durability in any environment, so there must be a Tyvek printing and packaging materials to meet your needs.


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